Working Working And Working

Really want to sit in front of the computer and play the stupid video game for a whole day long,,,,,, It’s just too busy for me to do that coz my schedule is packed with all kind of activities
Here is a few intriguing video from youtube…..

Sometime Surfing on the internet come across to me as gambling…….

Coz occasionally, you may find some amusing games, articles and videos just the one above and you would spend your whole day meaningfully

Yet, it may also occur that you got nothing and fiddled your time,,,,,,

So,,,,,, Surfing on the net actually bears resemblance in some aspect when compare to gambling,,,,



2 thoughts on “Working Working And Working

  1. The video called “Did you know” is exactly what my speech teacher showed us; it ‘s so amazing!! thanks for sharing by the way,I loved the second one, so crazy with their movements of eyebrows,”Surfing on the internet come across to me as gambling” what an interesting issue~ ^V^Do you have any plan for summer?

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